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Investigator Tried to Banish Recently Released Slaves from the Country

Investigator Tried to Banish Recently Released Slaves from the Country

On November 8, 2012 the chief investigator of Preobrazhensky inter-district investigation department of investigation authority VAO SU SK RF, Moscow, Damir Samerkhanov called in migrants, who had been released about a week ago, allegedly for questioning and confronting; their slave labor was exploited by owners of Produkty (food) store in Golyanovo district, Moscow. Mutabarkhon Abdullayeva and Zarina Ashirova, who haven’t been recognized as victims yet, came with their lawyers, as well as Bakiya Kassimova and Leyla Ashirova, who were filed in the case on illegal deprivation of freedom as victims. However, the investigator seemed to have absolutely different plans.

By 10 am the girls came to the investigator with the lawyers Gulnara Bobodjanova, Emile Taubulatov and Irina Biriukova, who were invited to participation in the case by Civic Assistance Committee and Memorial Human Rights Center. The questioning was cancelled – the investigator Samerkhanov declared that he hadn’t decided yet who would be included into the investigation team and asked all those arrived to wait for his call in the corridor.

About 12.30 pm the investigator called everyone into his office and announced that applicants were to go to Golyanovo police office where they would be subject to administrative penalty for illegal sojourn in the territory of the Russian Federation.
"We tried to explain that administrative penalty occurred in case of fault, and it just had never existed since the applicants were filed in the criminal case as victims under the article on illegal deprivation of freedom, which meant that they neither had a opportunity to report to the migration service nor to leave the territory of the Russian Federation in due time. All our attempts to explain the above have failed”,- the lawyer Bobodjanova says.

The lawyers began to pass the information about the investigator’s actions on to mass media and very soon activists and journalist started to gather by the police department. Girls recently released from slavery felt unwell and lawyers called an ambulance, one of the girls had to be carried in. All the girls were urgently taken to Moscow hospitals. "I am afraid that such things can happen again and more than once, -  Bobodjanova says. –   She has filed an application about recognizing her clients as victims and also is going to file a complaint about the investigator’s actions with a request to transfer this criminal case to another investigation department for preliminary investigation.

The lawyer Taubulatov is going to put in an application about Kassimova’s son Baurzhan being recognized as a victim: the physical development of the five year old boy is practically equal to the three year old one, he can hardly walk and cannot speak. The child was taken away from his mother by the owner to let the former continue working for the store and he was taken into care of a stranger.

It is important to mention, that on October 30, 2012 a group of civil society and human rights activists with the participation of journalists released 11 people from the utility room of Produkty (food) store in Novosibirskaya street, one woman refused to leave. From five to ten years nine women and three men, citizens of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan spent in slavery. The released people were taken to Golyanovo OVD (District Department of Internal Affairs) where they were being questioned without a rest and food for 14 hours.

The owners of the store Dzhansula Istanbekova and Saken Muzdybaev, together with their relatives threatened and beat the store workers. According to the released, they were not allowed to go outside, their documents and mobile phones were taken away from them, they were not receiving any salaries for years and brutally beaten.

On November 1, the Investigation Committee stated that it would perform a pre-investigation check of facts given by mass media. In its statement the Russian Investigation Committee (RIC) noted that "there was no basement in the store where according to the applicants they were detained”. However, this week a case was initiated under point "ж", part 2 of Article 127 of the Criminal Code fof Russia – "illegal deprivation of freedom of two and more persons”. Besides, it is necessary to mention that the store itself is situated in the basement, so it is not quite clear what RIC officials meant.

Lawyers demand to re-qualify the case under Article 127.2 – "using slave labor” with aggravating circumstances: practicing blackmail and violence.

The owners of the shop Istanbekova and Muzdybaev were brought to police for questioning and subsequently released. According to the activists, they press their former workers and try to destroy the evidence.

Каждый молчит о своём: истории одной войны


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